Sep 06

Connected Vehicle Research Center Slated for Former Willow Run Plant


“A connected vehicle research center is planned for the former Willow Run GM Powertrain plant in Ypsilanti Township, officials announced Thursday morning.

“A test track for connected vehicles and R&D facility are in the works following the demolition of the 4.6 million square foot plant.

“Walbridge Development LLC will buy the majority of the 332-acre property that contains the historic Willow Run plant. The property has been on the market for redevelopment since 2011.”

Sep 06

Could ‘Connected Vehicle Technology’ Have Prevented this South Jersey School Bus Crash?

From WHYY Newsworks

“In February 2012 in Chesterfield, N.J., a school bus was T-boned by a speeding dump truck. The crash killed an 11-year-old girl.”

“The subsequent investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found plenty of human error.

“But in her recent closing remarks on the Chesterfield crash, NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman was clear:

“‘Connected vehicle technology — where vehicles communicate with other vehicles — holds great promise to reduce the tremendous death toll resulting from intersection crashes [like this one],’ said Hersman.”

Sep 06

Officials near Breakthrough on ‘Connected’ Vehicles


“On Thursday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it “could be at the verge” of a breakthrough in such technology to allow vehicles to communicate with each other and “transform the nation’s surface transportation safety, mobility and environmental performance.”

“The NHTSA has just completed a yearlong test in Ann Arbor, Mich., with 3,000 cars, trucks, and buses connected by Wi-Fi to help avoid crashes and improve traffic flow.”

Sep 06

Honda Shows Safety Technology that Links Cars, Motorcycles, Pedestrians

From Detroit Free Press

“Honda held demonstrations in Detroit today of experimental safety technology designed to prevent its vehicles from colliding with other vehicles, pedestrians and motorcycles.

“Embedded computer chips on vehicles, in motorcycles and in a pedestrian’s cell phone can communicate their respective whereabouts and detect if they are on a collision course. If so, warnings will show up on the vehicles’ screen or the phone. If that doesn’t work, the vehicle is programmed to make an emergency stop.”

Sep 06

U.S. Extends Connected Vehicle Pilot Program in Ann Arbor

From The Detroit News

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is extending a pilot project in Ann Arbor on connected vehicles by another six months, but said it won’t change its timetable for deciding whether to move forward with the new technology.

“The project was initially supposed to last a year when it was kicked off in August 2012 by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Gov. Rick Snyder with nearly 3,000 “smart cars” that could one day revolutionize auto safety. Cars, for example, could alert each other that a driver was about to miss a stop sign or pull onto a busy street. Or that a vehicle has entered a driver’s blind spot.”

Aug 27

Car of the Future

From Connected World

“As vehicles become more advanced, they are taking over many driving tasks. This trend is set to continue into the future, as cars move toward greater autonomy. Automakers are researching the best ways for vehicles to communicate with each other and with other systems to help them in the quest for greater safety and connectivity.

“Will we really see autonomous vehicles hitting dealer showrooms? According to a report from Navigant Research,, sales of autonomous vehicles will grow from fewer than 8,000 annually in 2020 to 95.4 million in 2035. This number will represent 75% of all light-duty vehicle sales in 2035.”

Aug 27

Ford, Russian University Team up on Space-Based Robotic Communication Systems

From Detroit News

“Ford Motor Co. is teaming with a Russian university to study space robots and get a better grasp on communication technology that could be used in self-driving cars.

“The Dearborn automaker says it is beginning a three-year research project with St. Petersburg Polytechnical University in Russia to analyze space-based robotic communications systems.”

Aug 20

USDOT to Host ITS JPO Connected Vehicle Public Meeting September 24-26

From Better Roads

“The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) will host its annual public meeting about the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Programs office’s (ITS JPO) connected vehicle research program from September 24-26 at the Holiday Inn in Arlington, Virginia.

“The meeting will take place prior to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2013 decision regarding vehicle safety communications for light vehicles and 2014 decision for heavy vehicles.”

Aug 20

Connected Cars – The Road to the Future

From Manufacturers’ Monthly

“Tech Mahindra, an industry leader in Integrated Engineering Solutions, looks at the future challenges and opportunities of integrated technology in connected cars.

“In today’s digital age the consumer is continually bombarded by the unlimited potential of connected technologies.”

Aug 20

DOT Seeks Connected Vehicle Device Standardisation

From Automotive World

“The US Department of Transport (DOT) has suggested that it wants to see the introduction of a roadway system that will standardise the way connected vehicles on US roads communicate with each other in the future.

“The system, which the DOT describes as ‘a hypothetical four layer approach to connected vehicle devices and applications certification’, would develop certification to ensure that different components of intelligent travel systems that are manufactured according to connected vehicle technology requirements will be able to connect, increasing the safety of US roads.”

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