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Nov 14

Cleaner Environment through CV Applications

From RITA Applications for the Environment: Real-Time Information Synthesis (AERIS) The objective of the AERIS research program is to generate and acquire environmentally-relevant real-time transportation data, and use these data to create actionable information that support and facilitate “green” transportation choices by transportation system users and operators. Employing a multi-modal approach, the AERIS program will …

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Oct 27

Technology’s Role In Moving People & Goods Quicker, Safer, Cleaner

From Transportation Issues Daily When you traveled today – whether by car, bus, rail, plane or bike – technology made your trip safer, faster, and cleaner than in the past. That technology may have been obvious to you (hybrid vehicles, GPS) or not (traffic light synchronization, interstate weigh-in-motion for trucks). Making transportation safer, efficient and …

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