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MEDC Internships: Winter 2018 Projects

Click on the project ID to see description and requirements.  As of January 30, 2018, we have filled all available positions.  Projects and application for spring/summer 2018 will be posted March 1.

Applications now closed for Winter 2018 term

Project ID            Status   Title                                                                                                               

W2018-001-DI       Filled    Automated Vehicle HMI Information                                                             

W2018-002-HF      Filled    Driver Training and Interaction with Automated Vehicle Technology  

W2018-003-HF      Closed    Implications of Multi-Stop Trips for Shared Mobility in Commuting           

W2018-004-Bio      Closed    The Influence of Pre-Existing Rib Fractures on the Thorax Response of the GHBMC  

W2018-005-CM      Filled    Safe Shared Mobility Via Bicyclist and Motorist Education and Engagement            

W2018-006-Bio      Filled   Comparing 2009 and 2017 National Household Travel Survey Results                     

W2018-007-Bio       Filled   Vehicle Motion Parametization to Evaluate Motion Sickness in AVs                          

W2018-008-Bio       Closed   Quantify and Detect Motion Sickness to Inform AV Design                                      

W2018-009-Bio      Filled   Body Composition Prediction for Subject-Specific Models                                       

W2018-010-Bio       Closed   Detectability of Pavement Markings by Vehicle Sensing Technologies                     

W2018-011-Bio       Closed   Development of Online 3D Body Shape Models                                                       

W2018-012-Bio       Closed   Simulation of Automated Vehicle Occupants Using Human Body Modeling              

W2018-013-ESG     Closed   Traffic Simulation with Connected Vehicles                                                            

W2018-014-HF        Closed   Modeling Manuevers on Different Phases of a Single Lane Change Event                

W2018-015-BSG      Filled   Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LONGROAD)                                            

W2018-016-BSG      Closed   Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LONGROAD)                                            

W2018-017-BSG      Closed   Development of a Wiki for Transportation Services for Older Adults                       

W2018-018-DI          Closed   Time Required for People to Speak: Basic Design Input for Speech Interfaces         

W2018-019-CM        Closed   Web App for Connected Vehicle Data                                                                    

W2018-020-CM        Closed   Algorithm Development for Connected Vehicles                                                   

W2018-021-CM        Filled   Network Analysis of Michigan Roads and Connected Vehicle Data                        

W2018-022-CM        Filled   Enhancement of a Data Querying Web Application                                               

W2018-023-ESG      Closed   Cybersecurity: Vehicle Intrusion Detection                                                          

W2018-024-ESG      Filled   Automated Vehicles: Safety Measures Using Data and Simulation                       

W2018-025-ESG      Closed   Automated Vehicles: Driving Scenario Classification                                          

W2018-026-ESG      Filled   Open Source Maps to Understand Real-World Vehicle Use and Safety                

W2018-027-HF         Closed   Simulator Evaluation of Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies          

W2018-028-ESG      Filled   Simulation and Optimization of Online Ridesharing Systems