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MEDC Internships: Winter 2018 Projects

Click on the project ID to see description and requirements.  We are planning to hire 12 interns for the Winter 2018 term.  Applications will be accepted until 12 positions are filled or January 26, 2018, whichever comes first.  As of January 18, 2018, 8 positions have been filled, and researchers are still interviewing applicants for the remaining spots.

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Project ID            Status   Title                                                                                                               

W2018-001-DI       Filled    Automated Vehicle HMI Information                                                             

W2018-002-HF      Filled    Driver Training and Interaction with Automated Vehicle Technology  

W2018-003-HF      Open    Implications of Multi-Stop Trips for Shared Mobility in Commuting           

W2018-004-Bio      Open    The Influence of Pre-Existing Rib Fractures on the Thorax Response of the GHBMC  

W2018-005-CM      Filled    Safe Shared Mobility Via Bicyclist and Motorist Education and Engagement            

W2018-006-Bio      Open   Comparing 2009 and 2017 National Household Travel Survey Results                     

W2018-007-Bio       Filled   Vehicle Motion Parametization to Evaluate Motion Sickness in AVs                          

W2018-008-Bio       Closed   Quantify and Detect Motion Sickness to Inform AV Design                                      

W2018-009-Bio      Filled   Body Composition Prediction for Subject-Specific Models                                       

W2018-010-Bio       Open   Detectability of Pavement Markings by Vehicle Sensing Technologies                     

W2018-011-Bio       Open   Development of Online 3D Body Shape Models                                                       

W2018-012-Bio       Open   Simulation of Automated Vehicle Occupants Using Human Body Modeling              

W2018-013-ESG     Closed   Traffic Simulation with Connected Vehicles                                                            

W2018-014-HF        Open   Modeling Manuevers on Different Phases of a Single Lane Change Event                

W2018-015-BSG      Filled   Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LONGROAD)                                            

W2018-016-BSG      Closed   Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LONGROAD)                                            

W2018-017-BSG      Closed   Development of a Wiki for Transportation Services for Older Adults                       

W2018-018-DI          Closed   Time Required for People to Speak: Basic Design Input for Speech Interfaces         

W2018-019-CM        Open   Web App for Connected Vehicle Data                                                                    

W2018-020-CM        Open   Algorithm Development for Connected Vehicles                                                   

W2018-021-CM        Open   Network Analysis of Michigan Roads and Connected Vehicle Data                        

W2018-022-CM        Filled   Enhancement of a Data Querying Web Application                                               

W2018-023-ESG      Open   Cybersecurity: Vehicle Intrusion Detection                                                          

W2018-024-ESG      Open   Automated Vehicles: Safety Measures Using Data and Simulation                       

W2018-025-ESG      Open   Automated Vehicles: Driving Scenario Classification                                          

W2018-026-ESG      Filled   Open Source Maps to Understand Real-World Vehicle Use and Safety                

W2018-027-HF         Open   Simulator Evaluation of Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies          

W2018-028-ESG      Filled   Simulation and Optimization of Online Ridesharing Systems