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Cab Ergonomics

UMTRI researchers have conducted detailed studies of truck driver posture. The effects of cab geometry and driver attributes have been quantified through statistical analysis of data measured in laboratory mockups and in trucks driven on-road. The resulting posture-prediction models are used by truck manufacturers to design more accommodating and safer truck cabs. UMTRI has also developed improvements to the SAE eyellipse, seating accommodation, and reach models, which were based on out-of-date driver body dimensions and cab configurations that are not representative of modern trucks. These tools allow optimization of cab layout to maximize comfort and safety while meeting ergonomic objectives and minimizing cost.

Recent Publications

U.S. truck driver anthropometric study and multivariate anthropometric models for cab designs
Jinhua Guan, Hongwei Hsiao, Bruce Bradtmiller, Tsui-Ying Kau, Matthew R. Reed, Steven K. Jahns, Josef Loczi, H. Lenora Hardee, Dominic Paul T. Piamonte.

journal article IN: Human Factors. Vol. 54, no. 5 (Oct. 2012), p. 849-871.

Objective: This study presents data from a largescale anthropometric study of U.S. truck drivers and the multivariate anthropometric...

The influence of heavy truck egress tactics on ground reaction force
Matthew P. Reed, Suzanne G. Hoffman, Sheila M. Ebert-Hamilton.

conference paper IN: Research and Practice for Fall Injury Control in the Workplace: Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Fall Prevention and Protection, pp. 192-195

Slips and falls during cab egress are an important cause of injuries to truck drivers. Previous work has shown that the egress tactics...

Hand positions and forces during truck ingress
Matthew P. Reed, Sheila M. Ebert-Hamilton, Suzanne G. Hoffman.

conference paper IN: Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society ... Annual Meeting. Vol. 54, no. 15 (2010), p. 1097-1100.

Many truck drivers are injured each year due to falls while getting into and out of their vehicles. Design guidelines for steps and...

Modeling foot trajectories for heavy truck ingress simulation
Matthew P. Reed, Sheila M. Ebert, Suzanne G. Hoffman.

conference paper

Digital human figure models are a useful tool for simulation of driver ingress and egress for passenger cars, light trucks, and heavy...