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Digital Human Modeling

Recent Publications

Developing and implementing parametric human body shape models in ergonomics software 
Matthew P. Reed, Ulrich Raschke, Rishi Tirumali, Matthew B. Parkinson

conference paper IN: International Digital Human Modeling Conference, 3rd, Tokyo, Japan

Human figure models included with today’s high-end simulation systems are widely used for ergonomic analysis. Male and female figures...

Development and validation of a modified Hybrid-III six-year-old dummy model for simulating submarining in motor-vehicle crashes
Jingwen Hu, Kathleen D. Klinich, Matthew P. Reed, Michael Kokkolaras, Jonathan D. Rupp.

journal article IN: Medical Engineering & Physics. Vol. 34, no. 5 (June 2012), p. 541-551.

In motor-vehicle crashes, young school-aged children restrained by vehicle seat belt systems often suffer from abdominal injuries due...

Focusing on vulnerable populations in crashes recent advances in finite element human models for injury biomechanics research.
Hu Jingwen, Jonathan D. Rupp, Matthew P. Reed.

journal article IN: Journal of Automotive Safety and Energy. Vol. 3, no 4 (2012), p. 295-307.

Children, small female, elderly, and obese occupants are at greater risk of death and serious injuries in motor-vehicle crashes than...

Development, validation, and application of a parametric pediatric head finite element model for impact simulations
Zhigang Li, Jingwen Hu, Matthew P. Reed, Jonathan D. Rupp, Carrie N. Hoff, Jinhuan Zhang, Bo Cheng.

journal article IN: Annals of Biomedical Engineering. Vol. 39, no. 12 (Dec. 2011), p. 2984-2997.

In this study, a statistical model of cranium geometry for 0- to 3-month-old children was developed by analyzing 11 CT scans using a...

Foot motions in manual material handling transfer tasks a taxonomy and data from an automotive assembly plant.
David W. Wagner, Rebecca L. Kirschweng, Matthew P. Reed.

journal article IN: Ergonomics. Vol. 52, issue 3 (Mar. 2009), p. 362-383.

Ergonomic job analysis commonly applies static postural and biomechanical analysis tools to particular postures observed during manual...