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Energy Efficiency and Emissions

Recent Publications

Energy intensities of flying and driving 
Michael Sivak

report UMTRI-2015-14 

Last year, I issued a report comparing energy intensities of flying and driving from 1970 through 2010. The main finding of that study...

Fuel-economy distributions of purchased new vehicles in the U.S. :  model years 2008 and 2014
Michael Sivak, Brandon Schoettle

report UMTRI-2015-4 

We have recently shown that the average EPA-rated fuel economy of purchased, new, light-duty vehicles in the U.S. improved from 20.8...

Fuel and money saved using tires with low rolling resistance
Michael Sivak

report UMTRI-2014-1

This study was designed to examine how using tires that are at the current extremes of rolling resistance affects fuel consumption by...

Making driving less energy intensive than flying
Michael Sivak

report UMTRI-2014-2

This report analyzes recent trends in the amount of energy needed to transport a person in the U.S. a given distance either in a light-...

Reducing truck fuel use and emissions: tires, aerodynamics, engine efficiency, and size and weight regulations
John Woodrooffe

report UMTRI-2014-27

This report explores ways in which the properties of trucks and regulations governing them might be modified to improve freight...