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Heavy Vehicle Rollover

<p>UMTRI\'s Engineering Research Division has been a worldwide leader for more than a quarter century in developing our understanding of the physics of rollover. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, numerous theoretical and experimental studies were conducted that have led to a detailed understanding of the mechanics of rollover and the subtle roles that each of the commercial truck\'s components plays in establishing the total vehicle\'s roll stability properties.</p>
<p>In the late 1990s, and now in the 21st century, UMTRI has undertaken additional studies of the emerging \"intelligent\" electronic systems that can further enhance roll stability and commercial vehicle safety. In 2000, UMTRI researchers published, through the SAE, Rollover of Heavy Commercial Vehicles, an authoritative review of the subject.</p>

Recent Publications

Full-scale rollover testing of commercial cargo-tank vehicles
C. B. Winkler.

journal article

Tests were conducted in which a unit tank truck and a tractor-semitanker combination were subjected to full-scale rollovers. The unit...

Benefits and costs of four approaches to improving rollover stability of cargo tank motor vehicles
Douglas B. Pape, Nancy McMillan, Art Greenberg, Heather Mayfield, J. Caleb Chitwood, Christopher B. Winkler, Daniel Blower, Timothy Gordon, Michelle Barnes, John Brock, Kate Harback.

journal article IN: Transportation Research Record. No. 2066 (2008), p. 114-121.

Vehicle rollover recovery using active steering/wheel torque control
Taehyun Shim, Daniel Toomey, Chinar Ghike, Hemant M. Sardar.

journal article IN: International Journal of Vehicle Design. Vol. 46 no. 1 (2008), p. 51-71.