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Intelligent Transportation Systems

UMTRI researchers develop and test vehicle-based technologies for avoiding run-off-the-road crashes in passenger vehicles. They also study automotive collision avoidance, in-vehicle driver-assistance and safety systems, and integrated technologies between the vehicle and the infrastructure.

Recent Publications

Road safety with self-driving vehicles :  general limitations and road sharing with conventional vehicles
Michael Sivak, Brandon Schoettle

report UMTRI-2015-2 

Self- driving vehicles are expected to improve road safety, improve the mobility of those who currently cannot use conventional...

Multipath SPAT Broadcast Project
Ralph Robinson, Francois Dion.

report UMTRI-2013-9

The Multipath Signal Phase and Timing (SPAT)Broadcast Project demonstrates a Safe Green Passage traffic signal application that...

Evaluation of usability of IntelliDrive probe vehicle data for transportation systems performance analysis
Francois Dion, Ralph Robinson, Jun-Seok Oh.

journal article IN: Journal of Transportation Engineering. Vol. 137, no. 3 (2011), p. 174-183

This paper assesses various issues associated with the use of IntelliDrive probe vehicle data generated according to existing protocols...

Integrated vehicle-based safety systems field operational test final program report.
J. Sayer, D. LeBlanc, S. Bogard, D. Funkhouser, S. Bao, M. L. Buonarosa, A. Blankespoor.

report UMTRI-2010-36; DOT HS 811 482

This document presents results from the light-vehicle and heavy-truck field operational tests performed as part of the Integrated...

Integrated vehicle-based safety systems light-vehicle field operational test key findings report.
James R. Sayer, Scott E. Bogard, Mary Lynn Buonarosa, David J. LeBlanc, Dillon S. Funkhouser, Shan Bao, Adam D. Blankespoor, and Christopher B. Winkler.

report DOT HS 811 416; UMTRI-2010-21

This document presents key findings from the light-vehicle field operational test conducted as part of the Integrated Vehicle-Based...