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Pedestrian/Road Worker Visibility

In 1999, over 5,600 pedestrians and pedalcyclists were killed in the United States and 136,000 were injured. Worldwide, rates are much higher, especially in developing countries. To mitigate this problem, UMTRI researchers study the visibility of pedestrians, bicyclists, and roadworkers both in daylight and at night. Studies investigate the effectiveness of retroreflective materials and the distances at which pedestrians can be seen.

Recent Publications

Headlamps and pedestrian injuries
Michael Sivak, Brandon Schoettle

report UMTRI-2010-6

This study examined existing U.S. data on the contribution of headlamp hardware to pedestrian injuries in crashes. Three sets of...

The conspicuity of first-responder safety garments.
Stephanie J. Tuttle, James R. Sayer, Mary Lynn Buonarosa.

report UMTRI-2008-4
IN: Transportation Research Institute, University of Michigan.

A study was conducted on a closed track in both daytime and nighttime conditions to compare the conspicuity of three different types of...

The roles of garment design and scene complexity in the daytime conspicuity of high-visibility safety apparel
James R. Sayer, Mary Lynn Buonarosa.

journal article IN: Journal of Safety Research. Vol. 39, issue 3 (2008), p. 281-286.

Introduction: This study examines the effects of high-visibility garment design on daytime pedestrian conspicuity in work zones....