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Road Roughness

UMTRI is well-known for its pioneering research in measuring road roughness, and its researchers contributed to developing the International Roughness Index (IRI). UMTRI researchers also compare and verify road profilers, and disseminate information, software, and data associated with road roughness.

Recent Publications

Evaluating roadway surface rating technologies 
Bruce Belzowski, Andrew Ekstrom

report UMTRI-2015-19 

The key project objective was to assess and evaluate the feasibility and accuracy of custom software used in smartphones to measure...

Pavement surface specification for road load measurement
Steven M. Karamihas, Michelle A. Barnes, Robert Otto Rasmussen

report UMTRI-2014-9

This report proposes a framework for specifying coast - down test surfaces that will produce relevant, reproducible road load...

Curl and warp analysis of the LTPP SPS-2 site in Arizona [Steven M. Karamihas and Kevin Senn].
Steven M. Karamihas, Kevin Senn, Larry Wiser.

report FHWA-HRT-12-068; UMTRI-2012-28

"This study examined the roughness and roughness progression of 21 test sections on the LTPP SPS-2 site in Arizona over the first...

The influence of road surface properties on vehicle suspension parameters optimized for ride design trends for global markets.
Bhaskar Chaturvedi, Timothy Gordon, Steven Karamihas.

journal article IN: SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars. Mechanical Systems. Vol. 5, no. 1 (2012), p. 413-424.

Suspension design is influenced by many factors, especially by vehicle dynamics performance in ride, handling and durability. In the...