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Rollover Protection Systems for Hazardous Materials Tank Trucks

<p>Federal regulations require that cargo tank trucks used on U.S. highways be equipped with rollover-protection devices to protect manhole covers, valves, vents, and other top-mounted hardware from damage and to prevent leakage of product during rollover accidents. In a 1992 Special Investigation Report entitled \"Cargo Tank Rollover Protection,\" the National Transportation Safety Board was critical of existing rollover-protection devices and found that \"insufficient guidance [exists] about the factors and assumptions that a cargo tank manufacturer must consider when calculating loads on the rollover-protection devices,\" and that \"there is inadequate information about the forces that can be encountered in a rollover accident.\" </p><p>In order to provide a solid foundation for specifying rollover protection devices, UMTRI conducted an extensive study in which some 1,500 tanker rollover events were simulated and impact velocities determined. This computer study was validated through an experimental program in which instrumented tank vehicles were subject to full-scale rollover events and the measured impact velocities were compared to the results of the previous simulations.</p>