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Route-Guidance/Navigation Systems

A route-guidance system uses maps, arrows, and/or a voice interface to provide drivers turn-by-turn guidance to a destination. UMTRI has conducted extensive research on the method used to enter destinations (voice, manually), the format of information on displays, test procedures for evaluating displays and systems as a whole, methods for calculating task completion time, and many other issues. UMTRI researchers drafted the SAE procedures for navigation interface evaluation (SAE Recommended Practices J2364 and J2365).

Recent Publications

Stuck in traffic : analyzing real time traffic capabilities of personal navigation devices and traffic phone applications.
Bruce M. Belzowski, Andrew Ekstrom.

report UMTRI-2014-4

The global positioning system (GPS) market is a fast changing, highly competitive market. Products change frequently as they try to...

Visualizing travel patterns with a GPS dataset : how commuting routes influence non-work travel behavior
Xiaoguang Wang, Joe Grengs, Lidia Kostyniuk

journal article IN: The Journal of urban technology. Vol. 20, no. 3 (2013), p. 105-125.

This paper examines the spatial patterns of non-work activities for 34 drivers in the Southeast Michigan region. Capitalizing upon a...

Where do people drive? navigation system use by typical drivers and auto experts / Victor Ei-Wen Lo, Paul A. Green, and Alfred Franzblau.
Victor Ei-Wen Lo, Paul A. Green, Alfred Franzblau.

journal article IN: Journal of Navigation. Vol. 64, no. 2 (2011), p. 357-373.

To effectively design navigation and travel information systems, car manufacturers need data on how these systems are typically used....

Using GPS data to understand driving behavior
Joe Grengs, Xiaoguang Wang, Lidia Kostyniuk.

journal article IN: The Journal of Urban Technology. Vol. 15, issue 2 (Aug. 2008), p. 33-53.

This paper investigates driving behavior based on GPS data collected by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (...