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2015 Michigan commercial motor vehicle educational needs assessment

This report assesses the extent to which the educational and training needs of commercial vehicle truck drivers in Michigan are met and identifies opportunities for improvements. The assessment was based on: an analysis of recent patterns of truck–involved crashes and violations of commercial vehicle operators in the state; a review of commercial driver license (CDL) training practices in the United States and Michigan; a statewide survey of truck drivers in Michigan; and interviews with safety managers of trucking firms in the state, and a representative of the Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. Among the recommendations developed are: support standardized minimum requirements for CDL preparation; increase the number of commercial driver training programs in Michigan’s community colleges; support standards for finishing programs for entry-level drivers; emphasize training in backing maneuvers, stopping, and skid control for entry-level drivers; increase outreach and encouragement to small carriers for continued driver training; increase trucking-industry awareness of the resources of the Michigan Center for Truck Safety; develop training programs for use of advanced technologies and telematics; and develop outreach and apprenticeship programs to introduce the trucking industry as a positive career choice for high school students.

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