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Modeling vehicle ingress and egress using the human motion simulation framework

SAE 2008-01-1896

In: Reed MP, Huang S (2008) Modeling vehicle ingress and egress using the Human Motion Simulation Framework. Proceedings of the 2008 SAE Digital Human Modeling for Design and Engineering Conference. SAE International, Warrendale, PA.

Authors: Matthew P. Reed, Stephanie Huang

The ease of getting into and out of passenger cars and light trucks is a critical component of customer acceptance and product differentiation. In commercial vehicles, the health and safety of drivers is affected by the design of the steps and handholds they use to get into and out of the cab. Ingress/egress assessment appears to represent a substantial application opportunity for digital human models. The complexity of the design space and the range of possible biomechanical and subjective measures of interest mean that developing useful empirical models is difficult, requiring large-scale subject testing with physical mockups. Yet, ingress and egress motions are complex and strongly affected by the geometric constraints and driver attributes, posing substantial challenges in creating meaningful simulations using figure models....

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