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Statistical analysis of body shapes for parametric human body modeling


In: Reed MP, Hu J, and Rupp JD (2013) Statistical Analysis of Body Shapes for Parametric Human Body Modeling IRCOBI Conference 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Authors: Matthew P. Reed, Jingwen Hu, Jonathan D. Rupp

Finite?element (FE) human body models (HBM) enable high?fidelity representations of anatomy in crash simulations. Most current FE HBM s are based on the anatomy of one or a few individual s , including details of the skeleton, soft tissues, and overall body shape. As part of a broader effort to develop parametric HBMs that can represent a wide range of body sizes, shapes, and postures, a statistical analysis of exterior body shape in supported seated postures was conducted. Previous large?scale studies of body shapes in seated postures have been limited to unsupported postures.

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