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Translation to primary care of an effective teen safe driving program for parents

In: Clinical Pediatrics October 2016 vol. 55 no. 11 1026-1035; DOI: 10.1177/0009922816665086

Authors: Jean T. Shope, Jennifer S. Zakrajsek, Stacia Finch, C. Raymond Bingham, Joseph O’Neil, Stephen Yano, Richard Wasserman, Bruce Simons-Morton

Addressing teen driver crashes, this study adapted an effective CheckpointsTM program for parents of teen drivers for dissemination by primary care practitioners (PCPs) and the web; distributed the PCP/web program through pediatric practices; and examined dissemination to/implementation by parents. The website,, and brief intervention protocol were developed. PCPs delivered interventions and materials to parents, referred them to the website, and completed follow-up surveys. Google Analytics assessed parents’ website use. Most PCPs reported delivering interventions with fidelity, and thought the program important and feasible. Brief interventions/website referrals, averaging 4.4 minutes, were delivered to 3465 (87%) of 3990 eligible parents by 133 PCPs over an 18-week average. Website visits (1453) were made by 42% of parents, who spent on average 3:53 minutes viewing 4.2 topics. This program costs little (its website, training and promotional materials are available) and could be one component of a comprehensive approach to reducing teen driver crashes.