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Patricia F Waller Scholarship Recipient Victor Le

  Victor Le
  Mechanical Engineering

Victor Le is a doctoral student in the University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering program with a concentration in Biomechanics. He has earned a BSE ME ‘17 from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Le ‘s project, The Role of Head Position and Balance in Vehicle Motion Sickness, will focus on analyzing passenger behavior and posture during on-road drives with respect to self-reported motion sickness. The long-term goal of this research effort is to inform the design of autonomous vehicles and to mitigate the effects of motion sickness which currently persist as a barrier to consumer acceptance.

The University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering Department and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) are collaborating to improve AV systems. Kathleen Sienko, associate professor, serves as director of the Sienko Research Group and department advisor to Mr. Le’s project. Monica Jones, assistant research scientist at UMTRI serves as his mentor for this project. With the support of the Waller scholarship, UMTRI, and the Sienko Research Group, Mr. Le seeks to improve upon the protocol for head acceleration and balance measurements and investigate correlation with self-reported motion sickness symptoms and sensations, and in-vehicle task performance.

Since 2017, Mr. Le has served as a graduate researcher in the Sienko Research Group. In the previous year, he was an active member of Tau Beta Pi, California-Alpha Chapter. He also served as drumline captain and teaching assistant in the University of California, Berkeley, Marching Band. In addition, Mr. Le has led seminars and coordinated workshops for incoming engineering students on UC Berkeley’s campus. His leadership has continued at the University of Michigan, serving as a  treasurer for the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Council.

While attending UC Berkeley, Mr. Le designed a custom controller-less electric longboard for a mechatronics project. Another project consisted of a multi-tasking, microprocessor-based, packing system  that determined an optimal configuration of various packages. Mr. Le is currently investigating the benefit of auditory feedback for improving gait training, with the intention of reducing the risk of slips and falls, as a member of the Sienko Research Group.