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Recent Publications

 Injury prevention among friends :  the benefits of school connectedness
Rebekah L. Chapman, Lisa Buckley, Bianca Reveruzzi, Mary C. Sheehan

journal article IN: Journal of adolescence. Volume 37, Issue 6, (August 2014), pages 937–944 

Unsafe road behaviors, violence and alcohol use, are primary contributors to adolescent injury. Research suggests that adolescents look...

Analysis of motorcylce crashes in Michigan 2009-2013
Carol A.C. Flannagan, Patrick J. Bowman

report UMTRI-2014-35

The goal of this analysis is to assess the consequences of the modification to the motorcycle helmet law that took effect on April 13,...

Assessment of the effectiveness of advanced collision avoidance technologies
Daniel Blower

report UMTRI-2014-3

This report describes the current state of knowledge regarding the effectiveness of several advanced collision-avoidance technologies (...

Comparing the effects of age, BMI and gender on severe injury (AIS 3+) in motor-vehicle crashes
Patrick M. Carter, Carol A.C. Flannagan, Matthew P. Reed, Rebecca M. Cunningham, Jonathan D. Rupp

journal article IN: Accident analysis and prevention. Volume 72 (November 2014), pages 146-160.

The effects of age, body mass index (BMI) and gender on motor vehicle crash (MVC) injuries are not well understood and current...

Rapid generation of custom avatars using depth cameras
Byoung-Keon Park, Matthew P. Reed

conference paper IN: Park B-K, Reed MP (2014) Rapid generation of custom avatars using depth cameras. Proc. 3rd International Digital Human Modeling Conference. Tokyo, Japan.

Recent developments in depth - camera technology have enabled these low - cost tools to be used as body scanners. We present a simple...