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Cybersecurity Test Lab

UMTRI operates the Cybersecurity Test Lab to evaluate the security of vehicles and components by penetration testing. The focus of UMTRI’s cybersecurity test lab is a long-term collaboration to improve the security design of a vehicle’s architecture, electronic control units (ECU), and software. The test lab also provides a training and education environment for industry and enables sponsors to better understand and judge cyber-security issues.

The Cybersecurity Test Lab will protect sponsors’ IP. Engineering students can be involved upon request to bring together industry and young talent.

The Cybersecurity Test Lab also offers evaluation of cybersecurity solutions for vehicles, machines, and components. Solutions from a variety of vendors can be evaluated (e.g. intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, secure CAN, software update, security controllers, and secure platforms) in a neutral unbiased environment tailored to the specific sponsors’ requirements and legacy systems. IP of both sponsors and security vendors will be properly protected.

For further information, please contact Sam Lauzon