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Impact Biomechanics Facilities

UMTRI's biomedical and impact laboratories include state-of-the-art facilities for handling and testing biological materials and human surrogates. The laboratories include a custom-designed dual-sled pneumatic impactor capable of simulating occupant loading by an intruding door in side impact, as well as equipment to conduct static airbag deployment tests. Other equipment includes an Instron compression/tension testing machine, and a dynamic tissue test device for studying quasi-static and dynamic loading properties of biological tissues and synthetic materials. A recent addition is a drop-tower capable of applying vertical deceleration pulse that peaks at 350 g in 2.5 ms

UMTRI's impact facilities also include a high-speed x-ray system for documenting internal skeletal kinematics during impact. In addition, a radiographic laboratory provides for x-ray analysis of biological specimens before and after testing, and portable x-ray units allow for checking skeletal injuries to test subjects at the test facility. A surgical/autopsy laboratory, equipped with overhead surgical lights and a Mopec pivoting autopsy table, is used for preparation and analysis of test specimens, and a portable morgue and associated freezers allow for storage of biological materials as needed for test setup and subsequent tissue analysis and autopsy.

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