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Conference - Marketing New Powertrain Technologies

February 14, 2018 - 9:00am

University of Michigan
Transportation Research Institute
Automotive Futures 


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Marketing New Powertrain Technologies

Register at:   UMTRI Auto Futures Marketing New Powertrain Technologies Automotive Conference


February 14, 2018

9am to 1:30pm

North Campus Research Complex, 2800 Plymouth Rd. Bldg. 18, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

The focus on globally reducing vehicle emissions and improving fuel economy has led to the introduction of new powertrain technologies that have the potential to meet or exceed regulators expectations.  Countries are taking up the challenge of meeting these goals to varying degrees, with some countries taking the lead in electric vehicles, others in hybrids, and still others with fuel cells.  Simultaneously, manufacturers and suppliers are continuing to improve the internal combustion engine to maximize its efficiency using new technologies.  But how these technologies are marketed have a major impact on their consumer acceptance.


In this conference, we will hear from some of the major manufacturers, suppliers, and analysts about strategies for bringing these new technologies to market.   They will focus on some of their successful strategies as well as some of the lessons learned in introducing the public to new powertrain technologies.  We will hear about some recent as well as some past introductions in order to see the differences in how companies approach the difficult challenge of introducing something completely new to automotive consumers.


Some of the key questions we will address include: What are the current consumer trends in purchasing vehicles with new powertrain technologies?  How are companies learning from past introductions?  What support from government do they see as important in introducing these technologies?  How long do they estimate it takes to recoup a company's investment?  What economies of scale are necessary, on a global scale, to make the new technologies profitable?  How important are supplier relationships in supporting the development of these new technologies?  How important is it for manufacturers to design all the components of a new powertrain compared to the past?  What new marketing approaches may we expect as automakers are forced to meet fast approaching timelines where a growing percentage of their fleets must meet tough emissions and fuel economy regulations?


Confirmed speakers include:


Bruce Belzowski , Managing Director, Automotive Futures, UM Transportation Research Institute, will moderate the conference.

Mike VanNieuwkuyk, Vice President, Ipsos, will discuss his group's recent study that examines the way electric vehicles are sold in the US.

Other manufacturers, suppliers, government representatives, and consultants have been invited


Conference Sponsorship


Companies or groups interested in sponsoring this conference, please contact Bruce Belzowski at or 734-936-2704. Sponsorship Amount (Minimum $2,500)



Marketing New Powertrain Technologies Conference Sponsors


Argonne National Labs

BorgWarner Inc.

Bosch Corporation

Delphi Corporation

Denso Corporation

FCA Corporation

Ford Motor Company

Valeo North America, Inc.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute


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Register at:   UMTRI Auto Futures Marketing New Powertrain Technologies Automotive Conference



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