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UMTRI research drives publication of SAE Recommended Practice J2944

August 13, 2015

SAE International recently published SAE Recommended Practice J2944, Operational Definitions of Driving Performance Measures and Statistics. SAE J2944 is a foundational document providing driving performance operational definitions for on-road vehicles operated by a driver, automatically driven (self-driving), or operated by shared control.
It is based on other foundational documents such as the AASHTO Green Book, the Highway Capacity Manual, and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and is supplemented with more than 300 references. 
UMTRI research professor Paul Green is the lead author of this standard. 
“This Recommended Practice was written to advance global mobility, which is SAE International’s core mission,” said Green. “Progress in science and engineering depends upon having a common language for exchanging ideas, be it the metric system, or this recommended practice.”
J2944 defines more than 80 terms related to driving, such as lane departure, gap and headway. The definitions enable researchers and OEMs to avoid misleading, inconsistent or confusing use.

Read the SAE news release.