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Who We Are

Research Advancing Safe and Sustainable Transportation for a Global Society

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute is dedicated to achieving safe and sustainable transportation for a global society. With a multimillion-dollar research program, broad faculty expertise, and multiple collaborators, UMTRI is committed to interdisciplinary research that will ultimately increase driving safety and further transportation systems knowledge.

Since its inception in 1965, UMTRI has earned a significant national and international reputation for its motor-vehicle safety research related to injury biomechanics. UMTRI has since embraced a variety of disciplines and is now at the forefront of connected-vehicle research and testing, sustainable mobility systems, transportation data fusion and analysis, and the efficient movement of heavy freight, to name just a few.

The current staff of approximately 102 people includes full-time researchers, technical and administrative personnel, teaching faculty affiliated with the university academic departments, graduate students, and other support staff. UMTRI has carried out more than 1,000 short- and long-term research projects in broad areas involving accident data collection and traffic safety analysis, bioengineering, human factors, mechanical engineering, psychology, economics, and public policy. In addition, numerous multidisciplinary research programs are currently being conducted with other units of the university involving specialized areas of engineering, business, medicine, and public health. UMTRI research scientists collaborate with many academic, government, and industry partners to accomplish interdisciplinary research, generating new knowledge and providing student training. Some of UMTRI’s key initiatives embody its commitment to safe and sustainable transportation:

• Center for the Management of Information for Safe and Sustainable Transportation (CMISST)
• Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation (SMART)
• Sustainable Worldwide Transportation (SWT)

The U-M Transportation Research Institute is located at the corner of Huron Parkway and Baxter Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan, UMTRI continually strives for innovation in motor-vehicle safety, sound policy, and sustainable business practices in the world of transportation. We welcome the opportunity to address your transportation-related concerns.