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Leda Ricci

Ms. Leda L. Ricci is the executive director of the John Paul Stapp Association, which is made up of the leading engineers and medical researchers in the field of injury biomechanics. She is also executive editor of the Stapp Car Crash Journal, a Medline-indexed peer-reviewed journal, which is published annually by the Stapp Association. It is the premier publication for research in impact biomechanics, human injury tolerance, and related fields that advance the knowledge of land-vehicle crash injury protection.

Since joining UMTRI in 1972, Ms. Ricci's involvement with UMTRI projects has been in the development and evaluation of driver licensing tests, evaluation of federal motor-vehicle safety standards, and management of industry- and government-sponsored research work involving design and development of an advanced automotive crash dummy, studies of human impact response and injury tolerance, studies of airbag effectiveness and performance, and investigations of driver positioning, accommodation, and seating comfort. She is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and has participated as a member of several SAE technical committees on injury response and tolerance and dummy development.