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Scott Bogard

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Scott Bogard is a lead engineer in research in UMTRI's Engineering Systems Group. Since joining UMTRI in 1989, Scott has been involved in a variety of research projects aimed at determining the mechanical performance characteristics of motor vehicles (passenger cars and heavy truck) and understanding the task of driving as it pertains to driver behavior in response to passive and active vehicle-safety and convenience systems.  He has worked directly with the project director in fourteen of UMTRI’s field operational tests (FOT) in the capacity of planning, budgeting, collaborating with partners and subcontractors, briefing the sponsor, coordinating vehicle up-fit, implementing data handling and analysis procedures and writing reports and technical papers for publication. He plays an active role in the preparation and conduct of research by working in the field to make sure the test vehicles are properly equipped and operating as designed. In tests that require system verification, Scott has experience in planning, executing, and documenting test procedures to verify that vehicle and system performance meet or exceed functional requirements. He has also played a principal role in conducting tests of crash-mitigation braking systems for heavy trucks and passenger cars.
His areas of professional interest include
  • Vehicle dynamics: passenger car and heavy truck
  • Field test operations: heavy truck and passenger car
  • Active and passive safety systems
  • V2V and V2I wireless communication
  • Vehicle and component measurement
  • Enterprise-level database applications using SQL
  • Programming and simulation: C, Visual Basic