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Zevi Bareket

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Mr. Zevi Bareket is a senior research associate in UMTRI's Vehicle Systems and Control Group. He joined UMTRI in 1989 after receiving an M.S. degree in mechanical engineering. Since then, Mr. Bareket has been involved in a variety of research projects aimed at determining the mechanical performance characteristics of motor vehicles. He participated in the development of mathematical models for computer simulation of tire-road adhesion, and improved computer simulations for evaluation and analysis of yaw and roll stability of vehicles on pneumatic tires.

Mr. Bareket has strong computer skills which include knowledge of many software packages and programming ability in several code languages. Mr. Bareket also developed computer models to represent and simulate the longitudinal performance of trucks, air-brake systems of trucks, and various simulation models to study control algorithms for ITS applications.

In recent years, his research activities and interests were focused primarily on investigating ITS technologies aimed at enhancing highway safety and operations, as well as the development of driver models that represent the human operator. He has been involved with studies that addressed ITS approaches for collision avoidance and rollover prevention of heavy trucks. He studied the longitudinal and lateral performance of trucks, and the application of ITS technologies to traffic operations. Mr. Bareket was involved in contriving, integrating, testing, and evaluating several automatic headway-controlled test vehicles.

Currently, Mr. Bareket is primarily involved in ITS-related projects whose goal is to evaluate safety and performance of ITS technologies, and to expand the understanding of the driving process. These technologies include adaptive cruise control, crash warning, road-departure warning, and stability enhancement systems. Mr. Bareket\'s involvement entails system design and integration, analysis by simulation, development of control algorithms, and data analysis.