Andrew Leslie | Staff

Senior Statistician

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Room 232 2901 Baxter Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48109

(734) 763-9426, fax (734) 647-3330


  • MS, Statistics, University of Wisconsin
  • BS, Statistics, University of Michigan

Research Interests/Areas of Expertise

Andrew Leslie joined UMTRI in 2013 as a Statistician in the Center for the Managements of Information for Safe and Sustainable Transportation (CMISST) group.  He works with a variety of state and national datasets, and is involved with the maintenance and documentation of the datasets stored by CMISST.  This work includes creating aligned datasets for analysis by combining data between states using different variables and storage formats.  In addition to working with crash data, he has worked on a number of projects using naturalistic driving data to examine the effectiveness of crash mitigation systems and how drivers interact with them.

Key Projects

  • Field Effectiveness of GM Active Safety and Advanced Headlighting Systems (GM Safety Content)


Adrian, MI

Personal Interests/Hobbies

Books, comics, ferrets, origami, Antiquity

Additional Information

ORCID: 0000-0001-7233-6644