Dillon Funkhouser | Staff

Engineer in Research Senior, Human Factors

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, 2901 Baxter Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48109


(734) 936-0410, fax (734) 647-3330


  • MSE, University of Michigan, Industrial and Operations Engineering, 2005
  • BSE, University of Michigan, Industrial and Operations Engineering, 2003


Key Projects

  • ANN ARBOR CONNECTED VEHICLE TEST ENVIRONMENT (AACVTE).  At UMTRI Mr. Funkhouser continued the work from the Safety Pilot Model Deployment to field another round of Connected Vehicle in the Ann Arbor area.  Mr. Funkhouser continues to lead the participant handling effort which required recruiting new participants into the deployment as well as leading the effort to train participants on the new vehicle-to-vehicle warning systems.  The deployment is currently around 2500 vehicles.
  • SAFETY PILOT MODEL DEPLOYMENT (SPMD). A Mr. Funkhouser was tasked with the participant handling across multiple platforms of the pilot including light and heavy vehicles and motorcycles.  Tasks included outreach, recruitment, training, and debriefing.  Mr. Funkhouser has managed this large (~3000) participant population over the duration of the 36-months of the project. SPMD results led to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for FMVSS 150, making V2V technologies standard on all new vehicles (Docket No. NHTSA–2016–0126).
  • FIELD OPERATIONAL TEST OF AN ADVANCED ROAD DEPARTURE CRASH WARNING SYSTEM (INTEGRATED VEHICLE-BASED SAFETY SYSTEMS (IVBSS) ) This study conducted a field operation test (FOT) to examine driver safety benefits and acceptance of an advanced crash warning system fusing data from multiple sensors.  Mr. Funkhouser was responsible for the training and recruitment of lay-drivers to test drive vehicles equipped with the advanced system as well as post-drive naturalistic data analysis.