Zevi Bareket | Staff

Senior Research Area Specialist, Engineering Systems

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Room 203, 2901 Baxter Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48109


(734) 936-1067, fax (734) 936-1068


  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1989
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Technion Institute of Technology, 1979
  • Commercial Driver License (CDL) with double trailers and busses

Research Interests and Areas of Expertise

Mr. Bareket joined UMTRI in 1989, and since then he has played a major role in a variety of research projects focusing on the evaluation of safety technologies and driver-assistance systems in passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles; both on the vehicle side as well as the infrastructure. He has improved and developed computer simulation programs for the evaluation and analysis of the dynamic behavior of vehicles and traffic flow. Mr. Bareket also developed computer models to represent and simulate longitudinal performance of heavy-duty trucks and passenger cars, air-brake systems of trucks, and various simulation models to study control algorithms for ITS and driver-assistance applications. Mr. Bareket incorporated computational modeling techniques and test data to analyze and develop driver models and algorithms pertaining to the control of motor vehicles. These control algorithms have been successfully implemented and applied in vehicles during field tests. Mr. Bareket is experienced in conducting test studies aimed to investigate and address various research objectives. His involvement entails system design and integration, analysis by simulation, development of control algorithms, and data analysis. Mr. Bareket’s expertise includes the areas of connected vehicle technologies, vehicle dynamics, driver modeling, active safety systems, traffic flow and monitoring, and data analysis.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

Cycling, Motorcycling, Camping, Hiking, Flying, Boating, Fishing, Diving, Photography.

Additional Information

ORCID: 0000-0001-8160-9421