Unified Theory for Mapping Opportunities in Safety Technologies (UTMOST)

Researchers: Carol Flannagan, Kathleen Klinich, Jared Karlow, Andrew Leslie

Overview: UMTRI researchers have developed an online tool for visualizing the benefits of multiple safety countermeasures. The Unified Theory Mapping Opportunities for Safety Technology (UTMOST) tool was initially developed in 2007 to show the distribution of motor-vehicle crashes and injured occupants by a number of factors, and to demonstrate the effect of applying different safety countermeasures. Subsequent upgrades have implemented additional vehicle countermeasures, added legislation countermeasures, allow visualization of fatalities, and permit examination of fatalities by socioeconomic factors. 

Estimated effect on crash count if all vehicles were equipped with automatic emergency braking at current effectiveness levels.



Crash Avoidance Systems-Safety Evaluation of an Important Class of Electronic Control Systems 

New developments in UTMOST: Application to electronic stability control 

UTMOST: a tool for comprehensive assessment of safety benefits

Sponsors: Toyota Settlement, National Safety Council, Ford Motor Company