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Behavioral Sciences

The Behavioral Sciences Group works to enhance safe mobility for all ages by deepening our understanding of the social and behavioral issues important to transportation. Using innovative research approaches, UMTRI’s behavioral scientists:

  • Evaluate the effects of public policy and intervention programs that promote safe driving
  • Expand knowledge of the social and behavioral factors related to high-risk driving behavior
  • Investigate social, behavioral, and cognitive factors related to Intelligent Transportation System technologies
  • Prevent traffic injuries and fatalities through the development of programs that intervene against factors related to high-risk driving behavior
  • Understand the relationship between public policy and social and behavioral factors in transportation

The group is committed to making its research findings accessible, applicable, and available to organizations and individuals to enhance safe mobility.

The Behavioral Sciences Group was a lead partner in the ATLAS Center. They also developed an educational resource, Promising Approaches for Promoting Lifelong Community Mobility.