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Jingwen Hu

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Jingwen Hu is a Research Associate Professor in the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Biosciences Group. He earned a PhD in biomedical engineering from Wayne State University and an MS and a BS in automotive engineering from Tsinghua University.

Dr. Hu's research interests focus on injury biomechanics in motor-vehicle crashes by a multidisciplinary approach using a combination of experimental, numerical, and epidemiological procedures. He is also interested in human modeling for other applications, including pediatric head injuries in falls and child abuse cases, computer-aided surgery, and seating comfort. His recent research primarily focused on computational investigations on injury mechanism and restraint-system optimization for various vulnerable populations, including children, elderly, pregnant occupants, wheelchair users, and obese occupants.

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Featured Publications

Does Unbelted Safety Requirement Affect Protection For Belted Occupants?
Hu J, Klinich KD, Manary MA, Flannagan CA, Narayanaswamy P, Reed MP, Andreen M, Neal M, Lin CH

journal article Traffic Injury Prevention


A parametric ribcage geometry model accounting for variations among the adult population
Yulong Wang, Libo Cao, Zhonghao Bai, Matthew P. Reed, Jonathan D. Rupp, Carrie N. Hoff, Jingwen Hu,

journal article Journal of Biomechanics

The objective of this study is to develop a parametric ribcage model that can account for...