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Shan Bao

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Dr. Shan Bao is an associate research scientist in UMTRI's Human Factors Group, where she has been conducting research on human factors and driver distraction, driver-behavior modeling, large-scale data analysis, driver training for automated vehicles, and the evaluation of advanced in-vehicle safety systems since 2009.   

Dr. Bao has led and conducted multiple, large, simulator and naturalistic-driving studies for industry and government sponsors. Her areas of expertise include the statistical analysis of crash datasets and naturalistic data, experimental design, algorithm development to identify driver states, evaluation of driving-safety technologies, measurement of driver performance, driver decision making, and statistical and stochastic modeling techniques. Dr. Bao currently serves as the chair of Surface Transportation Technical Group of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. She earned her PhD in mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Iowa in 2009.

For further details on Dr. Bao's research, please visit her lab site here