Facilities and Labs

UMTRI researchers employ the latest technology and equipment to conduct high-quality transportation research. UMTRI operates a state-of-the-art driving simulator facility, a multidimensional full-body scanner, a fleet of test vehicles fitted with advanced safety and data acquisition systems, and a sled lab for occupant restraint testing. Additionally, we have one of the largest, most efficient and high-quality naturalistic datasets in the industry, including the largest set of connected vehicle data in the world. 

Whether used to test the biomechanics of injury mechanisms, investigate heavy-duty vehicle dynamics, or study the psychological components of driver distraction, the institute’s physical and virtual facilities are integral research components. When existing materials are not available, UMTRI researchers and support staff excel at fabrication and programming to create what is necessary to achieve reliable and consistent results.

In addition to the research conducted at UMTRI, we also provide for-fee services to interested parties who wish to evaluate child safety seat performance, test wheelchair and wheelchair tiedown/ restraints, request crash data analysis, or request automotive test drive evaluations.

IMPACT BIOMECHANICS Sled impact facility, Drop Tower,Child Restraint System Testing and Evaluation, Wheelchair/Tiedown Restraint Testing, Computational Modeling 

DATA Field data collection, Crash databases, Statistical modeling

ANTHROPOMETRY AND ERGONOMICS 3D scanning, Traditional anthropometry, Vehicle mockup testing, In-vehicle testing

MECHANICAL FABRICATION FACILITIES AND LABORATORIES Suspension properties testing, 5th wheel load transducer 

LIVING LABORATORIES AND DEPLOYMENTS Instrumented test vehicles, Ann Arbor Connected Environment, Mcity, Michigan Traffic Lab

SIMULATION and AUGMENTED REALITY fixed based Nissan Versa, small simulator, augmented reality lab